LOVE Gonna Bust Me Out – Alaskans Fight Back in Fairbanks Four Case

People always ask us how it is we can do work around this case and wrongful conviction without becoming bitter. And the answer is really simple – this case has given us the gift of seeing this world as it truly is – and it is so much more decent than you could ever guess. To have witnessed that is a beautiful gift.

IMG_7092It is discouraging to watch a few people with a lot of power fight for injustice. But it will bring you to your knees in admiration of the grace in this world to see the legions of ordinary people fight back.

LETTERPHOTOPeople send us hate mail once in a while. But people send us messages of encouragement nearly every day.


We have seen some powerful and scary people wield that power as weapon. And then we have seen strength so much greater than that we are reminded the battle is already won.

billfairbanksofurWe have seen people perpetrate injustice for personal career gain and we were disappointed. But we have also seen one man turn from more profitable practices to run a one man nonprofit Innocence Project not because it is profitable or safe but because it is scary and still the right thing to do. And then we have seen people risk their jobs, even lose them, to answer to a higher power and we were brought to tears at their bravery and goodness.

We have seen people cry and break under the weight of persecution. And then we have seen them speak the truth through their tears.

Scott Davison, Newsminer Photo

Scott Davison, Newsminer Photo

We have a person or two who would rather injustice prevail and lives end rather than they be embarrassed. We have seen people set things right. We have seen people confess their sins and humble themselves. We have seen others forgive them.

f42007We have watched as most politicians ignore their people. But we have watched a few do the right thing, and more importantly we have watched the people keep speaking up even against that silence.

We have seen four young men who have the right to be bitter choose to forgive. Who have dwelt in the dark and still seen the light. One of them sent a letter to this blog some years ago and quoted Reuben Carter. “Hate put me in prison, but love gonna bust me out.”

Look at the pictures in this post. See what we see. The world is a beautiful place! Let the shadows you see be ever a reminder of the sun. Love wins.







Fairbnaks Four protesters at the Capitol, Oct. 24, 2015. (Photo by Jeremy Hsieh/KTOO)

Fairbnaks Four protesters at the Capitol, Oct. 24, 2015. (Photo by Jeremy Hsieh/KTOO)





Franklin Harvey James Jr. shows off his protest sign in support of the Fairbanks Four, Oct. 24, 2015. (Photo by Jeremy Hsieh/KTOO)


Koyukuk4 Nikolai4









7 thoughts on “LOVE Gonna Bust Me Out – Alaskans Fight Back in Fairbanks Four Case

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  2. You folks are couragous, relentless, and doing a most amazing job! There are those of us out here, away from public view, writing tracking, praying, cheering, crying, supporting, and knowing that it is, and all about to bust wide open because after all, the TRUTH will set us free.

    (I get notifications of new posts but I never know when there will be a public demonstration of support…is there a way to get that info that I might be missing?)

    Thank you for all you are doing, and for keeping the public at large informed!)
    Diana Sparacino

    • What a cool comment! If you are on facebook find “Free the Fairbanks Four” there – and we will have to get better about posting events here on the blog. Your support means a lot, we can feel it even if it;s not right in our faces 🙂

  3. Fairbanks Four today are strong warriors who stood the time of pain and injustice. However, their faith and the support of many outweighs any injustice that the court and state may throw at them. There are those who would mention, why should I stand up for these boys and I quoted a poem that my husband showed me many years ago. This is shorten but the point is there “They took the Jewish people and I did nothing, they took other church people, I did nothing, they took the disability people, I did nothing because it did not involve me and then, they came and took me but no one was there to help me.” If we let people take our justice away and do nothing, someday, they will come for us and no one will be there to help us.

  4. This is very well spoken..I am a believer that we serve a God of Justice. Love covers all the clammoring to be the best prosccutor…to win, at the expense of truth. Our native people are strong…we’ve survived great trauma’s and it has strengthened us to love…to see the good in people, and to be a light that will prevail in the end! I pray for the healing of the 4 and there families from all they’ve had to endure.

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