Concrete and Barbed Wire – Video Post

It’s amazing how much can be changed by a cage of concrete and barbed wire. This video covers some basic information about the Fairbanks Four – pass it along, it’s an easy way to tell this story to others!


3 thoughts on “Concrete and Barbed Wire – Video Post

  1. This seems like a movie,It is so hard to believe that these young men can be locked away.What got me interested in this story was the fact that Marvin was so clean cut.I thought how can a young man be so good and then do something so awful.I read everything I could about this story and I would wake my husband up and say”look at this,there is no way they can be guilty”.I drove my husband crazy because I would read another story to him.You just don’t think things like this can really happen.Human nature says that one would tell on the others if they were guilty for a lighter sentence.I am so Happy that this story is being put out on the internet and letters to the editor.Something good will come from this.The time lost can never be replaced for these young men but I just feel like they will get what is due to them.I hope I live to see the day they will be free and compensated for what they have had to endure.

    • It does seem unbelievable….it’s funny, because as much as I have read, it still shocks me. I still expect better from mankind than these guys got….but hopefully people will see what we you do in this story, and work to change the ending!

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