Alibis and Witnesses VI

In the immediate aftermath of the arrest of the Fairbanks Four, there were plenty of alibis who did not come forward because they did not know that they were of any importance. Other people kept quiet for reasons of their own. There was no open call from the police asking people to come forward, and many, many alibis went unaccounted for. Today we hear from two people who did not speak to the police, but who have what they each independently described as a singular memory so clear “it’s like it was yesterday.”

Tillila Beetus is a dedicated mother. student, and massage therapist. She saw Eugene at the reception that night, and the memory has stuck with her in the passing years. She was hesitant to repeat the story because she didn’t want to speak poorly of Eugene, as the reason she remembers seeing him so clearly is because he was extremely drunk. That may be unflattering, but it is certainly known that Eugene was intoxicated that night. And her statement about how remarkably intoxicated he was is repeated by others who saw him that night. They all seem to have observed that Eugene was so intoxicated that he seemed incapacitated physically and mentally, that it seems he was too intoxicated to have the physical ability to carry out an assault on another person, and gives us an idea of his state of mind when he was interrogated. Tillila’s statement is below:

“I never really told anyone about seeing Eugene the night John Hartman was beaten…I was out and about, mainly at a wedding reception for my step-mom’s brother-in-law. This reception was at the Eagle’s Hall, I saw a lot of people that night and knew most of them.

I would have never even thought twice about seeing Eugene if he wasn’t SO drunk. It stuck out because he was standing about six inches from my face, swaying back and forth, not even really talking but definitely trying to say what’s up. At that time, there was no doubt in my mind that Eugene could not have walked as far as Barnette Street from the Eagle’s Hall, he would have passed out on the street before making it that far. He was soo drunk, if he tried to kick anyone, he would have fell flat on his ass…I never told anyone this before, because I didn’t want to talk bad about anyone, but someone pointed out that, it wouldn’t exactly tarnish his reputation to say he was that wasted…

Love and Prayers to you all, fighting to FREE THE FAIRBANKS FOUR!”

Kimberly Garcia saw Marvin on two of his trips to Mapco (a gas station) a short distance away from the reception. She was hesitant to come to the police following Marvin’s arrest and tell them that she saw him because she was selling drugs that night. Life is different for her now, like many of us she made decisions in the past that she regrets, but has learned and moved on to better things. We applaud her courage in coming forward now. You can see where she fits on Marvin’s timeline HERE. It seems that Kimberly probably saw Marvin when he gave Daniel a ride to Mapco to use the phone (11:40) and again shortly before am. When Kimberly returned to the reception and saw the ambulance, it was likely the ambulance that came to pick up Frank Dayton. Her testimony is one more confirmation that Marvin was telling the truth about his movements that night.

I was cruising around mostly that night of the wedding reception. I was with a friend and we were out selling dope we spent awhile in the parking lot of the Eagles Club. The closest store to us was the Mapco over the bridge( the Wendel St bridge). During one of my many trips to Mapco that night to use the phone, I ran into Marvin Roberts. I have known Marvin for many years and had purchased a home maybe 4-5 houses away from his Mom’s home on 26th Avenue and our Mom’s are great friends. The first time I saw Marvin it was early 1130pm or so and Marvin was with another guy who was using the ATM or the Phone or something I talked to him for a minute and said I will see you later. Amazingly I did he was buying a soda later that morning. My passenger and friend needed to return a call and was using the phone it was about 1am or so. When we went back over near the Eagles Hall there was FPD there and an ambulance I think we said hell with this lets head home . After one stop we arrived at my home on 26th at about 2am. Night over for us at least……..~KIM Simon Garcia~

Despite the COMPLETE lack of evidence, abundance of alibi witnesses, and indications of misconduct, these four men remain in prison. PLEASE do go sign the petition (link on side of blog) and if you or anyone you know has information about this case, call 907-279-0454,where you can give information 100% confidentially.

We will leave you with  a second video – a great thing to spread around, and for those that are not big readers, a great way to get some more information on the case.

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  1. I know Arlo Olson I used to room mate with him he stays at the Brother Francis shelter or other shelters now he still comes by my place every now and the

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