“When Are You Coming Home?” – A Letter from George

A person always tells their own story best. We could write a thousand pages without expressing the simple truth as well as one short letter.  George is not a particularly sentimental person, so I know it took a lot to write this.It never fails to humble and amaze me that all four of these men have faith that this experience was meant to be and will serve a larger purpose. I think it is hard for many of us to keep faith in a life with all our freedom and every advantage - that they have found strong faith in a relatively hopeless place is.....beautiful.

If this letter moves you, get out there, and spread the word!! There is a lot of power in the truth, it has a way of spreading far and wide when it is repeated!

Also (since George begins this letter teasing Kevin) it is probably a good time to clarify that Kevin is Outside Indian and White, not Alaska Native. We have been asked about that a few times, and although it is not terribly important, thought this would be a good time to clarify for readers that Eugene, Marvin, and George are all Alaska Native, that Kevin is Native American and white.

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9 thoughts on ““When Are You Coming Home?” – A Letter from George

  1. What a lettter,made me cry to know how Brave these young men are.To be away from loved one’s has to be so hard.I am so glad that they have so much support and that they know how it’s has brought people that have never met them out in support of them.I have never met any of them but they have kept me awake many a night wondering how they were convicted.Having 3 son’s of my own and knowing this could happen to anyone just scares me to death.One day(soon I hope) they will be free .This just broke my heart hearing about him not being able to tell his child when he will be home.Just means an extra prayer tonight.

  2. I think this is really sad… they all should be freed… they do not deserve this…. just because they are Alaska Native they have to be convicted… PLEASE LORD free these Mens….

  3. This is the first time that I have read a letter from this case in a long time,My heart and support goes out to them. May god bless.

  4. Wow! that was really strong words and touching! Words that came straight from the heart, mind and soul made me really feel the hurt! GOD BLESS them every day and minute!

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