Marvin’s Last Night – Timeline

Below is a detailed timeline of Marvin’s motions on the evening of October 10th and early morning hours of October 11th. John Hartman was murdered at 1:30am. You can read a timeline of John Hartman’s night HERE.

Marvin spent most of the night of October 10th and early morning hours of the 11th doing two things: dancing at a wedding reception and serving as designated driver to scores of people. Many, many people testified that they saw Marvin throughout the night. Ultimately the DA would make the argument that their testimony should be discounted because his alibis were Native, that Marvin was Native, and that all Natives lie for each other.

Here is what we know of how Marvin spent his last night of freedom:

11:00 pm – Marvin picks up his friend Daniel Huntington from a house about ten blocks from the Eagles Hall.

11:05 pm – After driving for a few blocks Marvin and Daniel stop to chat with some girls on 2nd Avenue. The girls were: Skye Malemute, Monica Carlo, and Justina Demoski. They joked for a few minutes before continuing down the road.

11:15 pm – They arrive at the Eagles’s Hall and head inside, but the dance is not yet in full swing so they decide to go look for a few more friends.

11:20 pm – Marvin and Daniel arrive at Harland Sweetsir’s house, but no one is home. They then drive through the Klondike parking lot and a few other local haunts to see if they come across anyone they know. They don’t, and decide to head back to the Eagle’s Hall and see if things are picking up over there.

11:35 pm – Marvin and Daniel arrive at the Eagles Hall and spend a few minutes talking with Harland Sweetsir, Shannon Jenkins, and Brad Cruger.

11:40 pm – Marvin and Daniel drive a block over to Mapco to use the payphone to page Conan Goebel. They wait 5-10 minutes for a call back but don’t get one. They head back to the Eagle’s Hall, this time to head inside and join the reception in earnest.

11:50 pm – Marvin arrives at the Eagle’s Hall and sees friend Angelo Edwin outside. Daniel stays outside and Marvin hooks up with Angelo. They head in together, where Gary Edwin asks them to sit with him, joking that there are too many women at his table. They sit at his table.

12:00 am – 12:45 am –  Marvin dances with a series of women, including Athena Sweetsir, Tracy Monroe, Michelle Andon, and a handful of others.

12:45 am – Marvin drove a block over to Mapco (gas station) to get a soda for Athena Sweetsir. He was alone in the car.

12:55 am – Marvin made it back to the Eagle’s Hall with a pop for his dancing partner. He say with Gary Edwin, Angelo Edwin, Carrie Orrison, Eileen Newman, Tracy Monroe, and a few others.

1:15 – 1:30 am – Around this time there was some commotion concerning Frank Dayton, who had arrived back at the Eagle’s Hall injured. Marvin and Angelo asked Gary Edwin what had happened, and he responded “I’m trying to find out.” Out of the commotion, Marvin and Angelo eventually hear the basic story – that Frank Dayton had been mugged by four men driving a white or tan four-dour car. (911 Call came in at 1:30am, the same time John Hartman was being assaulted. Police would eventually add the mugging of Frank Dayton to the charges. Three people testified to seeing Marvin while the 911 call was made).

1:45 am – (approximately) Marvin sees Frank Dayton, who has a cut on his head.

1:45 – 2:00 am – Daniel Huntington rejoins Marvin and Angelo. All three continue to hand out at the Eagle’s Hall, where things seem to be quieting down.

2:00 am – The band stops playing. They are on break but a lot of people leave thinking the dance has ended.

2:05 am – Marvin, Daniel, and Angelo realize that the band is only on break and that the reception is not ending, and drive to Detour (a nearby club) to tell some of their friends that the party was not over. Gilbert Frank went with them. Gilbert was unable to get into the club so they all returned to the Eagle’s Hall.

2:15 am – They arrive back at the Eagle’s Hall and run into Allen Sisto who had just been dropped off by Joey Shank (Read more on Eugene’s timeline HERE)

2:30-45 am (approximately) – Marvin drives Alan Sisto and Shara David to Conan Goebel’s house on 24th Avenue. When Marvin drops off Allen and Sisto at Conan’s house Eddie Kootuk was there, and hops in with Marvin to head back to the Eagle’s Hall

2:45am – 3:00 am –  Marvin arrives with Eddie Kootuk at the Eagle’s Hall, and Marvin goes back inside to dance and mingle.

3:00 – 3:30 am – Marvin heads back outside of the Hall, where he visits with Calvin Charlie, Kevin Charlie, and Gilbert Frank for a few minutes. He reconnects with Angelo and Daniel and they decide to drive back over to The Detour to pick up their friend Shannon Jenkins. When they pull into the club parking lot it appears to be closing, with patrons outside in the parking lot and in cars. They cannot spot Shannon Jenkins.

3:30 am – They drive the half block over to Arctic Bar and find Shannon there. Marvin gives him a ride to an apartment at Executive Estates. The group goes inside for a few minutes, then leave Shannon there and head to Alaska Motor Inn to check out a party there.

3:50 am – Marvin, Angelo, and Daniel arrive at the Alaska Motor Inn. They see a heavily intoxicated Eugene Vent sitting on the bed using the phone. Harley Semekan is there along with Nicole Pitka and Gilbert Frank. Gilbert is passed out on the bed. The are only there for a short time before they are told the police had been called on the hotel room.

4:15 am – After hearing that the police were on their way, Daniel takes off on foot. Marvin leaves in his car and drops Angelo off before going home and going to bed.

The next afternoon the police arrive at Marvin’s house and take him into the station to interrogate him. He is as stunned as you would expect him to be. Read about his interrogation and access transcripts of it HERE

Everything that comes next is…..unthinkable. If it had not happened, it would seem impossible. Marvin is arrested for the murder of a young man he had never met, whom he had no connection to, with no physical evidence, and shortly after many hours of interrogation where he begged for a lie detector and maintained his innocence. Marvin had never had so much as a speeding ticket before the day he was arrested for Murder in the First Degree.

Read what Marvin has to say about his time in prison HERE.

Read about the physical evidence against him HERE.

Read a little about the men who sought him HERE.

12 thoughts on “Marvin’s Last Night – Timeline

  1. I just read Marvin’s interview with the three detectives, Clifford “Aaron” Ring, David Kendrick and Jim Geier. It’s my opiinion that every citizen of this country should read these 55 pages of blatant coersion, ugly lies and psychological manipulation of a young person. The truth about this interview is that Marvin held his head up and remained alert and true to himself and his friends while the interviewers behaved in the most shamelessly evil and careless way while people’s lives hung in the balance. Clifford “Aaron” Ring, David Kendrick and Jim Geier should be held accountable for thier atrocious actions. Men of this debauched character do not belong in a position of power in ANY community.

  2. There is a witness (whose statement was never taken despite her call to the police immediately after Marvin was arrested) who was also at the Mapco; she stayed in the car while her passenger went in to buy pop and while she was in the car waiting, she spoke with Marvin who was in his car…alone.

  3. Also, any pictures people have of the reception could potentially be useful. Dust them off and se if you have any of these four boys at the reception. Marvin would have been there most of the night, George and the rest were there only briefly, but around the 2am mark.

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  6. I grew up with Marvin Roberts and in all my years of knowing him he is the most loyal, trust worthy, kind hearted friend anyone could have. I know in my heart he is not capable of such a crime and if he seen something like that happening he would stop it, just as he tried to tell the officers he would. I pray for these young men night and day that they will be set free and that the true offenders be caught and punished.
    I also have done time in prison from Fairbanks Correctional Center, Anchorage Complex, Spring Creek Correctional Center to Red Rock Correctional Center in Arizona where I served 17 months next to these four innocent men. I myself was not innocent of the crime I committed, manslaughter, I chose to tell the truth and face my punishment as the State Of Alaska saw fit and I made peace with God for my actions. And if these four young men knew anything at all about what had happened on that dreadful night, I am certain they would do the same. However that is not the case because they do not know because they were not involved. A name came up many times while I was incarcerated and it is not common practice to say what goes on in these places and I have no idea if it would help or if there is nothing to this but i feel it is necessary to share. I would do some of my own asking around about these young men because I was always concerced for them and by fate I think I was lead to this person. DALE DEPUE, is a young man that was convicted of being involved in some sort of violent crime at a very young age, maybe 16. He however stood by my side when four gang members tried to jump me in Spring Creek Correctinal Center over a game of basketball and for that I was very grateful and we became friends. We did not discuss anything about this case as you could tell it was something that should not be talked about. I did however get alot of grief for hanging out with this guy and many inmates said he knew about the John Hartman murder and I shouldn’t being hanging out with him if I were friends with the four wrongfully convicted young men. That is all I know and maybe it would be worth someone approaching him and trying to get some information out of him. When I got out of jail in August 2008 I saw him here in Fairbanks that following summer but we do not stay in contact.
    I do not know if this is a lead or just gossip, I just feel like I need to share this information. It’s hard to stand by knowing four innocent young men are spending the rest of their lives in prison and the real offenders are free.

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