Beautiful Gifts – A Letter from Marvin

It is wonderful to receive two things at once when each serves to illuminate the other. Today we had one angry comment that these guys are “drunks” who should “rot in jail like they deserve” and one letter from Marvin, who has every reason to be bitter, but is instead humbled, faithful, hopeful, forgiving, and grateful. Please remember that all four of these guys do not have to rot in jail. All of them could be out and free if at critical points they had taken a deal, or even as recently as this fall, agreed to express remorse instead of innocence at a parole hearing. They have chosen, at great personal cost, to stand behind the truth because it is right, and despite their experiences are united in their faith that they will some day be exonerated and free, that God has a plan for them.

The stamp on the letters that come from Marvin (pictured above) say “Correspondence originated from a correctional facility. Facility not responsible for substance or contents.”

It is a poignant label. The content originates from Marvin’s heart, and despite his years locked up in facilities, the substance remains courage and truth. Marvin’s letter scanned better and is quite readable – here it is. We will type it out soon, but wanted to get it out today, as he provides some insight into how we respond in our hearts when hate comes our way.

15 thoughts on “Beautiful Gifts – A Letter from Marvin

  1. As always, Marvin’s honesty shines through. The parole system that requires an admission of remorse creates a Catch-22 for those wrongly convicted. And yet how many of us would have the strength to refuse to express remorse for a crime we did not commit if it meant the difference continued prison or freedom?

  2. I hope the truth comes out soon for all the people involved. Wrongful imprisonment is unimaginable. God Bless you guys.

  3. I love you so much Dear Cuz, I think of you everyday and pray for all of your release. We will never give up on your freedom. God Bless you! I’m growing up without you and it hurts like hell that you are in there. Someday we will meet again, I know it. You are still the most honorable person I have ever met. All my Love, April One

  4. Very inspiring, I pray to Jesus our savior that you make it and that you stay strong, you lifted my heart, thank you for staying strong for us that our out here fighting to do the right thing.

  5. As long as you believe in God he will set you fr, God works in misterious ways, we don’t know why this happened but we will figure it out. It does us all good to see you in good spirits. Remember Christ gave his life for us all, that’s why we celabrate christmas. Merry Christmas to all you men . Shirley A.

  6. Marvin, you are an inspiration to us all. I don’t know how you do it. We have not given up hope and we’re all pulling for you and we’ll never give up! I know I would not have handled your situation as well as you have. I think I would have been very bitter about it, as I am now. May the Great Spirit meet your every need! Please take care of yourself. Your ex-uncle-in-law, Neil Scannell

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  9. Awesome, inspiring letter Bro. You have brightened my day. I will keep you in my prayers. Give me a call if you need anything. Hank

  10. Just reading your letters has inspired me to have faith, love and hope for all four of you guys I don’t know you but just reading your letters I know you are innocent I know in my heart. it sickens me that you are judged because you drink or because you are native only God can judge us well I take that back anybody could judge us but only Gods judgement matters. I will try to get as many signatures for you guys and I will keep you in my prayers. Have faith and the truth will set you free!!

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