A Letter from a Daughter to her Father

The case of the Fairbanks Four is about investigation, interrogation, mass information, misinformation, DNA, rather lack thereof, words and words, pages and pages, testimonies and ablibis, truths, and lies. All manner of things disappointing and wicked.

Sometimes to look at it is beyond exhausting and even their most ardent supporters grow weary. And then, some kind of blessing arrives, some kind of reminder of what this is really about. It’s about everyday people who have suffered an injustice having the courage to stand up for themselves. Below is a letter from George’s daughter, who was a few weeks shy of her third birthday when they broke into her home and took away her dad. If she can remain faithful and determined, certainly so can we.

My Dad, George Frese.
You left when I was a baby, and now when you come back, I’m a woman. You don’t know me and I don’t know you, but we have all the time we need to get to know each other again. I may not remember much about having a dad, but we can make new memories and you can always be there for me again. I miss you every day, I wish you were here. But you’re not. And you’re fighting your way home to be my dad again. I fight for your justice even though I know its dangerous to do so. MY DAD IS INNOCENT! Love you lots, whatever you say.
Your babygirl, Tiliisia Sherrine!!!

She added,

I miss my dad so much, and people just don’t how much I miss him. On the outside I’m happy and fighting for him, while on the inside I’m crying and screaming for him to come home, and wishing he would be here. My dad was in my life once, I’m pretty sure he can be there for me again. :’)

Here is a picture of George from about 1993, a few years before Tiliisia was born, and four years before he would be arrested for murder.

People who know him will tell you he was funny. Really, really funny. And a sweet guy. A nice guy, a gentle soul. They will also tell you that he had a child very young, but loved her SO very much and was really a dedicated father. It is a heartbreak that this injustice took a father away from his daughter, but she has grown into a strong girl and a fighter!

And, here she is at one of our last fundraisers, counting up donations that will fund the fight to bring her father home!

And on that note…….there IS a lot you can do to help. Spread, spread, spread the word! The number of supporters these guys have grows every day. There will come a critical point where the combined voices are too loud to be ignored.

Attend fundraisers if you are in the Fairbanks area. We plan to have our next one near North American time.

Donate online to Alaska Innocence Project HERE

You can donate miles or dollars to ease the cost of travel.

And REMEMBER….there are people in Fairbanks that have information about this case and about alternate suspects. No matter how small your information may seem, email your tips in to info@alaskainnocence.org or call 907-279-0454.

We have all heard whispers and rumors throughout the years – next time, ask a few questions. Rack your mind. If you have any information, email or call it in!!

There is an always-growing reward for information that leads to the exoneration of these young men.