Remembering Scott Davison

It is with a heavy heart we received the news that Scott Davison has passed away. If not for his courage, and the core decency that left him tormented for many years with the information he had in this case, four innocent men would still be in prison.

Scott Davison was an innocent bystander and child when he heard the unsolicited murder confession of Jason Wallace, and the threats on his own life that followed. This burden was a heavy one and it weighed Scott down tremendously on the already thorny road from adolescence to adulthood. His is a life shaped harshly by this miscarriage of justice and a reminder that in wrongful conviction many suffer.

Scott Davison came forward first in this case and came forward bravely. He did something hard, something selfless, and he will always be remembered by us for this act. He risked his life to do the right thing. He was an agent of truth and justice. Rest In Peace Scott Davison,

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