Sen. Murkowski on Fairbanks Four Case – Leave No Stone Unturned

ImageAccording to attendees of the Alaska Federation of Natives conference where a large demonstration took place in support of the Fairbanks Four, LIsa Murkowski voiced her support of the efforts to overturn the controversial convictions of Marvin Roberts, Eugene Vent, Kevin Pease, and George Frese.

In the wake of Assistant Attorney General Adrienne Bachman’s comments yesterday that she believed her review would take “many months,” and indication that the state intended to first review the original case material prior to investigating the new information in the murder of John Hartman, Murkowski’s office made a press release that included the letter below.




We applaud all who take a stand on this case, for justice in any circumstance, and agree wholeheartedly with Sen. Murkowski that this case must be investigated properly, swiftly, and in the interest of true justice.


“Men make history and not the other way around. In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better.”  —Harry S. Truman



8 thoughts on “Sen. Murkowski on Fairbanks Four Case – Leave No Stone Unturned

  1. Amazing. The State of Alaska has just been given notice that the federal government will be watching the review process…

  2. Thank you Sen. Lisa Murkowski, I appreciate that you have heard the unanimous voice of the AFN delegates who traveled from their villages, at a great expense for most, and you have written your thoughts and perspective in writing to Mr. Eric Holder, United States Attorney General. This was actually one of my suggested comments at lunch time today, bring the 4 young men’s plight to the attention of Eric Holder, US Attorney General, as well as President Obama, as he is well versed in civil rights law prior to his vision of entering politics. Again, I, myself, am unschooled in western law, however after reading and researching from this web site felt the young men had civil rights violations and they have civil rights the same as any other American. My next interest area will be to read up on the laws and the rights that apply in juvenile criminal cases. I know most states have adopted special laws that pertain to protecting youth from even being interrogated in the style that was used on these young teens when this occurred to them. I have a 13 year old son and my interest in his rights as a youth grow and weigh on my heart. Again, thank you for being there with us at AFN, for listening to our expressed concerns. These young Men are on the top all our concerns. Many of us feel a tremendous sense of urgency, since the paperwork was filed in the 4th Judicial District last month! Myself and many others were there to hear the announcement. For none us can imagine what it would be like to have our 15 year old or 17 year old son picked up, questioned, locked up, charged with murder. That goes way beyond one’s imagination as a parent. That is a nightmare. We need the light of truth.

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