Love Gonna Bust Me Out – A Letter from Kevin

Kevin has spent many years in silence. In the early media reports in  and in the press coverage throughout the trials Kevin was relentlessly attacked, more so than the others. The police pushed this media agenda, because in their theory they considered him the ringleader.  It was amazing in a way to watch it unfold – to watch him remain quiet and outwardly calm while his world crumbled around him. Steady.

After his conviction, many people stood behind his claim of innocence, but none as strongly or courageously as his mom, the late Carol Pease. He is pictured with her here. It is hard to imagine the grief that Kevin has had to live with. He lost his father a short time before being wrongfully accused, and his mother shortly after his wrongful conviction, all as a very young person. Yet, amazingly, through all of this his faith remains strong.

In this post, Kevin tells his own story. Like with the other letters, the truth in his words is palpable. Painfully clear. Facts, documents, transcripts, legal opinions, and the like abound in this case, and they all back up the claim that these men are innocent.  Still, nothing makes that statement as poignantly than the truth in their own words. Here they are:

PLEASE, if you or ANYONE you know has information about the case call, write, email or do anything you like, just do the right thing. The best person to bring new information and tips to is Bill Oberly at the Innocence Project in Anchorage – 907-279-0454. His email is and tips can be made anonymously.

If you were involved in any way in this case, please consider coming forward today and submitting your OWN story. These pieces build a picture together, and each piece is important. Contact US on the Facebook page.

HATE, indeed, put these men in prison, and LOVE will set them free someday. YOUR LOVE, courage, and support, to be specific. So keep it coming!!! Sign the petition, join us on Facebook, and spread, spread, spread the word. We send these pages back to the boys, so feel free to add a comment for Kevin below.

26 thoughts on “Love Gonna Bust Me Out – A Letter from Kevin

  1. For years I have prayed for the Fairbanks four. I will continue to pray that these four young men that they stay safe healthy and strong until they come home to be with their families where they belong. I just read the letter that Kevin Pease wrote, so heart breaking. I am so sad for him that he lost his mother. She sounded like a nice person. What’s is also very sad is that I bet Kevin was still grieving for his father when he was wrongly convicted. I want Kevin to know that he is not alone. We’re here for him and will be here for him when he comes home. I send my love.

  2. Again I read letters from these young men or stories about them and again I cry.Kevin is right,Love will bust them out.I never met any of them but look forward to the day they are released.So many people have heard this story and so many have love for them.Hang in there because I know the truth will set you free!

  3. I first met Kevin when he was about 10 years old. He ran through the streets of Fairbanks like any 10 year old without limitations would. He didn’t have much parental supervision in those days, but all of us looked out for him because he was like an annoying little brother to us all. We were all a bunch of juvenile delinquents who had no choice but to watch out for each other.

    In those days Kevin was many things, but he was consistently honest. Throughout the years I never once caught him in a lie.

    The one thing that we all consistently agreed on in those days was that Fairbanks police officers could not be trusted. The absolute last thing that anyone should do is talk to one of them. We all saw people within our social circle get singled out by the police force and charged with ridiculous things. And we all know that the District Attorney’s job is to secure convictions. This is why it’s called the “legal system” and not the “justice system”.

    I wasn’t there when all of this happened so I don’t have all of the facts, but if Kevin says he didn’t do it, I believe him.

    Good luck Kevin! If there is anything I can do please let me know.

  4. This letter brought tears to my eyes. I remember Kevin and Marvin as youngsters. I am am holding fast to the fact that something will change. In the mean time my prayers keep going to these young men, and I keep talking to people, encouraging everyone to read this blog. You boys, (young men now) have so many people that support you, care about you, and are behind you, and are working so hard to get you free. You guys are not alone. Blessings to you all, ~ Shelley Ostlund

  5. Hi Kevin, I am a friend through Facebook. I hope this message make it’s way to you.

    The Lord knows your status and these four walls will not be able to hold you any longer. I agree that love is gonna burst you out.

    Kevin. I got a little sample from this book I’ve been reading it and lived by it with my every breath, I like to share it with you. No, it’s not any ordinary book, I wouldn’t wanna waist your time. If you could only recognize it, it’s Jesus voice. Wait, if you’ll follow you’ll be out soon. Done deal.

    Here’s a sample from, “God at Eventide” As you like I will send more and more of it… I’ll pray with you.

    May 17 – My Messenger Goes Before

    When you think of Me as your Rescuer, remember it is not only from sin, depression, or despair.

    It is from the difficulties of life also and from perplexity as to your path. I solve your problems. I provide the channel through which help will come.

    I send My messenger to prepare your way before you. I train you so that you may be fitted for your next task, so that you may be worthy of My promised blessing. That blessing which I long to shower on you.

  6. Love u Kev and all 4 of u!!The last part of the letter made me cry….hate brought me in here,love is gonna bust me OUT!!

  7. Love is a very strong word at times.
    Strong enough to break you out of all the lies you were placed under. It’s great you still believe in love, you’re a very strong person. That is because your full of love always has been from what I’ve read. And it makes me sad to know how this came upon all 4 of you the way it did. The LOVE that all four of you share is greater then anything in this place we call home. The love you show, gives us hope for a happy ending to a wrongful world. I hope and pray for your happiness from all that has happened to you may God be with us all thru hard times like yours, I’m sure we can not compare to what you’ve been thru, just remember to expect the UN-expected. This was all very bad to have happen to someone like you and the other three. We all believe in you always have and always will your a true believer, in “LOVE” Stay happy and be free.
    Love always: from Alaska. 😉

  8. God bless the Fairbanks 4…may He give you strength to go on, to fight for your innocence, but most of all, to grant you with freedom. I will pray for you all. Your letter is very touching…sorry that you have to endure so much pain. But if God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.

  9. Hi kevin , I know u dont know me but i first heard this story ,actually its a friend of yours whos been doning a great job by supporting all four of u and letting people hear your story ,i got very sad after she told me. but i hope to see all of u free soon…

  10. Within my first few hours of hearing about the Fairbanks Four and actually digging deeper – reading up on what I can, listening to whats being told – there’s no doubt in my mind that these boys are truly innocent. It breaks my heart and leaves me with tears to even begin imagining what it must be like for you young men. The cruelty of the FPDs statments and actions should very well be looked down upon but most especially the true murderers and people lurking in the shadows with the truth be put to justice. Im one to put myself in ones shoes always – and tonight its not gonna be easy for me to sleep knowing that this kind of wicked thing exists here in life and to such young great full of life people like myself. I will do whatever it is that I can to have your voices heard, to spread the word, to let people near & far know the truth, and most importantly – to free the four. My thoughts and prayers are and always will be with each of you. Even though I’ve never met any of you and this is the first night I’ve actually heard of this story – I feel greatly impacted and emotional and I feel for you all. The truth will unveil. Your voices will be heard.

  11. Not sure if u remember me . My name is Cecilia Simon. I have always known that u boys are innocent. I burst into tears as I read the blog.. I knew this day was coming that someone else would come forward w the truth. The real truth.. May god bless u

  12. Kevin- I am a friend of your Aunt’s. I don’t live in Alaska anymore, but wish I did. I wish you the best and a speedy release. I will pray for that release!

  13. During my short stay at FCC I got to meet the Fairbanks Four either it was basketball, weight room, softball, or playing cards in the wings and all had good moral spirits and we’re great friends and at the time I did not know why they were there nor did I know they were all together about this wrongfully convicted crime and I can sense they would not have done such a crime as what the police have said I’m proud
    To say they are my brothers from the respect they shown me. Free The Fairbanks Four.

  14. And I paraphrase Hurricane Carter’s words for the boys, the Fairbanks Four: “Hate put them in prison but LOVE GONNA BUST EM OUT!”

  15. Kevin, I have read you letter a few times now and you are correct, your mother loved you and believed in your innocence because she knew you better than you knew yourself. She loved you so deeply and never stopped believing in you or trying to find a way to correct this injustice. She was my best friend so I know and I miss her terribly. I pray everyday that this will one day be only a memory and you will be free. Never stop believing, hang in there and remember there are a lot of people trying to get this over turned. It may fell like you have been forgotten but you haven’t. You may e-mail me if your able.
    Love, Cathy

  16. I will never trust the police didn’t believe it back then still don’t believe today see you walking freely soon bro.

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