Are You Out There, Can You Hear This?!

Our very first blog post, The Beginning of Our Story, was short. But it made a statement that is proving itself to be correct:

“Writing this blog is an act of faith, a testimony to the power of the truth, spoken, read.”

On that day, just ten weeks ago, 3 people read the blog. As of today, these posts have been read  21,984 times.

When we began we had no idea if witnesses would still be willing to talk about this case, this short time later many have bared incredible personal truth on these pages.

Yesterday a well done radio story about the Fairbanks Four hit the airwaves across the state. Listen to it HERE.

A few weeks ago we started an online petition (SIGN IT!! HERE) an already nearly 500 people have signed it and used it to send emails to out local officials.

All of this is just to say…..truth has a life of its own. It spreads, it moves, it changes people, it inspires, it gets repeated. KEEP SPREADING THE TRUTH, your efforts will be rewarded. Your efforts ARE making a difference – thank you, each and every reader.

And if you or anyone you know has information on the Hartman case, please, please, please, call 907-279-0454. You can make an absolutely anonymous, completely confidential tip to Bill there. IT’S TIME TO TELL THE TRUTH!!!








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